Each year, the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour celebrates the heroes and stories intrinsically linked to the Victoria Racing Club’s 158-year old Lexus Melbourne Cup race and its contribution to the nation's historical and cultural heritage. The 18-carat gold Lexus Melbourne Cup trophy visits various destinations in an effort to unite communities by engaging councils, schools, hospitals, aged-care homes and racing groups in events to raise funds for local causes.



The 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour tenders are now open. The seventeenth running of the Melbourne Cup Tour will see an exciting array of activities promoted across Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the globe. To review the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour tender submission guidelines and to submit your tender, please see the application form below. 


For the first time as part of the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour, the iconic trophy travelled to the United Kingdom and Ireland. The European journey included seven of 37 destinations that joined racing history when they hosted the 16th annual Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour in 2018. The Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour travelled to Seoul for the first time, where it celebrated the Korean Cup. The 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour also celebrated its Australian roots, travelling across the nation to some of our most famous locations – the Birdsville Cup; the sandy shores of Mission Beach; and for the first time, the $200,000 trophy travelled across the Nullarbor Plain by train.

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